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MATERIAL MATTERS - Newsletter of the Illinois Recycling Association.

Member Spotlight: Norm Gordon & Associates

Norm Gordon and Associates are a Glenview-based independent paper and paper product brokerage firm that focuses on printing companies, offices, distribution warehouses, banks, insurance companies and other commercial/industrial institutions. They collect large volumes of paper from many locations and ship it to mills all over the country for processing.

In the past, when the market prices for paper and other recyclables were at their peak, the customer was paid for its paper 100% of the time. Even now, in these times of struggling markets, the company is able to make paper collection profitable for over 90% of its customers.

Norm Gordon and his son, Chad, are the third and fourth generation of paper recyclers in the Gordon family. His grandfather, Sam Gordon, started S. Gordon and Sons as one of the first paper salvage businesses in Chicago during the early 1900s. The company was started when the elder Gordon discovered paper mills that were interested in reprocessing newspaper and office paper.

Norm started working for the family business as Operations Manager in 1971. At that time, the company was being run by his father and his uncles. Norm Gordon initiated his own company in Glenview, IL as his father and uncles prepared for retirement. He now manages the company with his son, Chad, serving as Vice-President.

Norm Gordon's affiliation with the Illinois Recycling Association dates back approximately ten years. He traces the connection to meeting one of IRA's co- founders and past president, George Brabec. "We were from the old school," Norm recalls. Norm credits his association with IRA for resulting in a number of valued clients.

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